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Mercantile Lending Solutions are a licensed Western Australian Finance Broker as well as an active member of the Finance Brokers Association of Australia and other industry bodies.

MLS has direct access to all major banks and other lending institutions and is also a member of the Professional Lenders Association Network (PLAN).

We offer the broadest and most comprehensive range of lending products, including:


- Commercial Mortgage                                            - Property Development Finance                               - Small Business Loans                                             - Plant & Equipment Finance                                    - Leasing & Hire Purchase                                        - Cash Flow Lending - Factoring                              - Marine Financing (Fishing Vessels & Licenses)        - Rural - Financing of Broad Acreage, Stock &          Equipment                                                              - Restructuring of existing facilities                             - Insurance Premium Funding


- Home Property Mortgages              - Investment Property Mortgages      - Personal Loans for you and the           family.                                           - Debt Consolidation / Rationalization

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